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The Sanctuary Church & worship Center

Mike & Tammy Manley

Hi There! We are so glad you are here and look forward to meeting you! 


When I was younger, my parents never went to church with me. I was encouraged to attend a Baptist church through their local church bus. If it wasn’t for that bus, I would have never set foot in church. There I was shown the well  known passage of John 3:16 and it has stuck with me to this day. I stopped attending when I was about 13. I never thought about God or church again until I went through a difficult part in my life. At that point I got baptized but didn’t really understand  what being baptized meant. Around this time, I met my wonderful wife, Tammy and her daughter, whom I fell in love with. My wife brought me back to church, where I officially gave my life to the Lord. I know God brought my wife to me to save my life from going  down the destructive path of alcohol. God has so much love for me and you. Even through all my past mistakes, He wiped them clean. I am still not perfect and make a lot of mistakes, but with His love and help, I am never going back to the life I had without  Him.


I grew up in a Christian home. I attended church my whole life but never really understood the love God had just for me. After college, my life fell apart. I ran from all my problems and moved 900 miles away from my home and family.  I found myself doing anything I could to take away the pain. About 6 months later, I came back home pregnant, alone, and scared. To hide my shame, I parked into a parking lot at planned parenthood. I don’t know what happened but I just sat there in my car  and cried. I never got out of the car that day and I am so thankful that I drove away. This precious baby saved my life. I met my amazing husband about a year later, who not only fell in love with me, but also my daughter. We attended church but that was all  we were really doing. After we moved to the Cedar Rapids area and got married, we started going to church again, but this time something was different. I began a new journey finally understanding how deep God’s love really goes and what a personal relationship  with God truly is. I was able to finally let go of all the pain, hurt, guilt, shame, and anger I was carrying around for years. Which would have never been possible without God’s love, mercy, and grace. Mike and I now have 4 beautiful daughters, and I cannot  wait to see where God takes my family in this amazing journey and adventure.